Ann P Meredith
Award Winning Filmmaker Fine Art Photographer Performance & Theatre Artist

Creating Personal & Social Change through Art & Film
"Ann P. Meredith’s work is
innovative and important.
I have known and respected
Ann for many years and
continue to be impressed by
her artistic vision and quality
of her scholarship. Ann’s
lectures distinguished her &
gained attention & respect
of her peers." Marcia Tucker
Director The New Museum New York

Cowgirls, Ranch Women & Rodeo Gals 1990-2007

TALL IN THE SADDLE marks the culmination of Arkansas born Ann P Meredith’s seventeen year document of women making their mark breaking ground in the arenas of Ranching and Rodeo. Working in her continuous Fine Art format, Meredith examines Cowgirl History where much is revealed about the birth and growth of America that demonstrates a life beyond survival into a life that encompasses revelry and exuberance. Ann’s photographs depict women breaking ground in a variety of scenarios including working on the range, roping steers at rodeo and relaxing at home on the land passed down to them through generations. Meredith not only captures the thrill of rodeo events and the determined character of these pioneering women, she also brings to life a more personal, tender vision, an insiders’ view of the intimate lives and work of women on the land. 

Ann's tender photographs show that through their strength of character, soundness of body, mind and spirit these courageous women continue to illuminate the full history of our American culture throughout the United States. TALL IN THE SADDLE captures this legendary spirit and culture and provides an Art and Historical Document which recognizes and honors the contributions of these modern day pioneers who passionately continue to underscore our history of the American landscape.
Meg Shiffler Director San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery 

HIV/AIDS & Cowgirls

Women with HIV/AIDS 1987-1997

One of the first artists to photograph and videotape personal interviews women with HIV/AIDS Ann worked closely with numerous AIDS organizations including the National Institute of Drug Abuse NIDA in Washington D. C., Puerto Rico & El Paso, Texas and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation SFAF and their unprecedented female PWA’s consciousness-raising group. Shooting globally Ann’s work was exhibited widely at The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, The Art In Embassies Program/U.S. Dept. of State West Africa, SOMA Arts Gallery in San Francisco, The Wadsworth Antheneum in Connecticut, The Brooklyn Museum and The International Center of Photography ICP in Los Angeles among numerous other venues. Ann's work helped bring to light the ‘Hidden Population’ of the AIDS Pandemic – Women.

"Ann P. Meredith is an exceptionally talented artist and her photographic work in particular has had a great impact on the Art World and the world at large as she has engaged some of the most urgent and at times overlooked situations in our society. Her documentary on women who suffered with AIDS was instrumental in focusing our attention for the first time on this particular segment of the AIDS epidemic."
Lowery S. Sims Curator Emerita The Metropolitan Museum of Art