Ann P Meredith
Award Winning Filmmaker Fine Art Photographer Performance & Theatre Artist

Creating Personal & Social Change through Art & Film
For over 46 years Ann has been telling stories that need to be told. As a U C Berkeley Grad in the History of Art, Ann's work has received national & international acclaim. Living and working through the U.S., Mexico, Africa, China & Europe. Ann has served as a judge for the EMMYS in News & Documentary for many years.



Ann's Story

I’ve been taking photographs since I was in the 2nd grade, developing a passion for photographing people early on.  As I got older, I became aware that the images I was inspired to take began to form a body of  work; a collection of imagery that reflected the world we live in. I   know now that I was given the gift of being a witness, especially to  the lives of women and LGBTQ culture. Always drawn to and identifying  with others who have suffered, been ignored, beaten down, injured and  people whose voices had been taken away; my ability, skills and  sensitivity to see and hear others allowed me to offer recognition and  trust through my portraits. I am deeply grateful that the people I  photographed, filmed and interviewed could feel safe with me, which in  turn allowed them to open up, share themselves and their incredible  stories for all the world to hear.

Moving to New York City in 1989 changed my life and my work. New York  opened up a completely new framework of construction for me as an  artist and as a human being.  Suddenly I was given permission to  deepen my expression in all mediums; New York allowed me to express  myself broadly through solo theatre performance, installation,  multi-media, poetry and collage. The vibration of the collective  creativity, interest in and support of my work from the New York Art  World more than encouraged me. My work on the plight of women  suffering from HIV/AIDS helped bring attention to PWAS with a grant  from Art Matters to create subway posters and a fellowship from Arts  International in collaboration with The Brooklyn Museum for a Lila  Wallace - Reader’s Digest International Artist Fellowship to East  Africa. Poetry readings and performances expanded my channeling of  stories into script while including photographic projections, computer  generated sound, movement and voice in my work.

Photography transformed into video which in turn transformed into cinema into film giving birth to my first screenplay and a  feature length film titled SPECIAL was born. I love screenwriting. It  encompasses and contains everything I have ever seen, heard and felt  throughout my life. It’s a thrilling process making movies with others  and the final piece becomes the best possible product. As everyone  gives their all a universal story is allowed to be told.

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